The End of the World? Just work your plan…

…you have a plan, right??

Business technology has become so ubiquitous and reliable, it’s often difficult to imagine how you might operate without it. That is, however, exactly what you must do to formulate a good disaster recovery plan.

Think about the kinds of events you need to plan for: most are not true end-of-the-world type disasters. Power outages of various durations happen in most places every year. A fire or other emergency at a neighboring business might make your facility difficult or impossible to reach for a time. Impassable roads from snow or ice might mean your employees are better off working from home ( if that makes sense for your business).

Good tech plotted out in advance can turn all of these situations from minor disaster to business-almost-as-usual.

To guard against both natural disasters such as fire and flood, and hardware issues like disk crashes, you need off-site backup. This can be hosted storage in a data center or self-hosted in branch office. Data centers have all the security, power backup and bandwidth required to do the job, and are reasonably priced. The self-hosted option can make sense if you’re already paying for those requirements at the backup site.

I can work with you build a disaster recovery strategy built on a solid data backup foundation.

Contact me, while everything is still working.