Microsoft Windows Server

I think of Windows Server as the cornerstone of a business network. Many business-critical software systems Accounting , ERP and database systems rely on a Windows operating system. But a well-designed business network needs more:

  • Authentication: A Windows Active Directory domain provides a single source of authentication for users. One user ID and password can control access to all resources on the network. The administrator has complete control to enforce security permissions, create, disable and delete users, reset passwords, etc.
  • Group Policy enforcement: ensure a consistent configuration of desktop PCs, control what settings users can change (and give different groups of users different sets of capabilities), limit what software can be installed to control licensing and unauthorized software use.
  • Flexible shared folder storage: impose storage usage quotas, enforce proper permissions to shared folders, replicate shared folders to servers in different locations.
  • Print Management: network printing is a snap when the Windows Server print queue can deliver the proper drivers to every PC with just a couple of mouse clicks. Control who can use each printer, even submit large print jobs for printing during off-peak hours.

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