When I research, recommend and plan an IT solution for your business, I expect to do the real implementation work needed to make that solution a success. I’ll involve you and our employees to the extent required and desired, but I won’t pass the buck:

  •  implementation

    Deploying a small office server doesn’t end when setup.exe completes! Shared folders and permissions need to be properly applied, security patches and updates need to be installed, users need to be trained and advised on how best to organize shared resources. A set of quick how-to documents will help new users set up their own desktops to use shared folders, printers and web applications.

  • Migrating physical servers to a new virtual environment needs to be done during off-hours to minimize impact to your business. Nights, weekends…whenever makes sense for you. That’s when I’ll do the work, either on-site or using remote tools.
  • Open source software such as CRM or support ticket solutions may cost nothing to download, but to make them effective requires time and effort. Experience, research, effort and a true understanding of your business goals can help make these systems into the cost-effective productivity boosters they were meant to be.

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