My name is Jay D. Carter. Computers and technology have been a part of my life since, at age 12, I emptied the savings account my Mom had built for me over the years to buy a TRS-80 Model III. Typing BASIC programs out of magazines and saving them to the dubiously reliable cassette tapes fostered an ironclad will to solve computer problems and simplify people’s ability to use technology.

Wherever I worked there was technology. People came to depend on me when things went wrong, and to help plan and design systems that would better fit the task at hand.

I worked in Broadcast Radio, and learned how to communicate.

I worked at Radio Shack (back when a visit to the Shack was actually helpful), and learned what people liked and didn’t like about technology.

I worked for a major telephone support provider, back when that was pretty much the only way to get computer software questions answered. I learned how to ask the right questions, and how to listen. And, patience! Lots of patience!

I worked in IT support roles in large companies, and found out how NOT to do things.

Since 1999, I’ve been working for my clients, and for myself. I’ve learned to appreciate how much technology can do for a small business, and how hard small business owners work. I’m thankful for the opportunities to learn from them, help them succeed, and for the freedom to pursue my own success.