Small Business Technology: Understand,Decide,Plan


While many small businesses have many tech requirements in common, the details often reveal important differences. I have a variety of technology tools at my disposal that work for most situations. I take the time to learn about your small business technology needs, ask questions, and understand the challenges ahead:

  • How did your business get to where it is today?
  • What are your biggest challenges to growth and productivity?
  • What areas of your business are most and least profitable?
  • What areas of your business demand the most human effort?
  • Where do you & your employees face the greatest frustration with systems and IT?
  • What aspects of your technology are working well?
  • How can improved systems produce lower costs and higher profits?

I have the experience to understand the answers and translate them into real solutions. I’ll use the tools I know best when they are a good fit, and find new ones when that makes sense.

Let me get started for you today!