Technology Support

Effective technology support hinges on communication.

Unfortunately, that also explains why most everyone’s experience with technology support is so colossally bad.

We’ve all experienced the frustrating cycle. You know if you call Company X for support on Product Y, you will:

  • Wait for an hour, maybe more, in the phone queue before anyone tries to help you.
  • Speak to someone who knows nothing about you, or your business.
  • Speak to someone who doesn’t really understand the issue, either because of a language barrier or an apathy barrier, or both.
  • Try to get help from someone whose incentive is to get you off the phone quickly and take the next call.

…email and online chat support save some time but yield similar results.

I start by learning about you and your company, and then explore the tech you use. When problems arise, many of the important background details are already known.

I know how to ask questions that get to the root of the problem. When I deliver a solution, you’ll understand what happened and how to avoid future problems. If you need hands-on help or more explanation, you’ll get it.

And if there’s no solution with that product? I can help you find one that does work.

Admittedly, this is not ‘free’ tech support…but how much did your last ‘free’ tech support experience cost you??

Get started working with me now so you’ll be ready when stuff happens in the future.Technology support to unravel any train wreck!

Did it already hit the fan? Contact me, I can help.